MA counselling and referral service

Contact a counsellor

The following table lists contact details for MA counsellors.

Meniere’s Australia offer a confidential counselling service which is available to members and their families.

Our counsellors:

  • are members of MA
  • have first hand knowledge of Meniere’s
  • have undertaken a counsellor training course
  • can talk to members about problems or concerns they may be experiencing due to Meniere’s
  • can offer phone-based or written support

Counsellors may refer you to other community organisations, health professionals or government agencies for further assistance.

If you would like to join MA in order to access our counselling services you need to fill in a membership application form.

1300 368 818

Face-to-face or phone counselling by appointment.

Phone +613 9783 9233 from outside Australia

(02) 6690 2528
Phone Counselling from 9am – 2pm & 4.30 pm – 6pm

Newly Diagnosed

Newly Diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease?

When experiencing symptoms of Meniere’s disease or when first diagnosed it is often quite a shock. You may feel overwhelmed and not sure what is happening or how you will manage.

Often it seems like your world is spinning out of control and it is not easy to accept that life as you knew it has changed. You are not alone. With help and support from health professionals, family, friends and Meniere’s Australia, you can learn to live confidently with Meniere’s.

Now that you have a diagnosis you can take steps to understand Meniere’s disease and learn to manage your symptoms and life. You can regain control.