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Salt Skip News

Why all the importance on Salt and Sodium content?

Salt matters for two very compelling reasons:

  • it causes or aggravates over 20 salt-related health problems
  • at least 6 million Australians (half the adult population) have one or more salt-related health problems

The two most common and very serious health problems are:

  • pre-hypertension
  • hypertension

The two health problems with the most dramatic difference when skipping salt (both recovering within 4 weeks) are:

  • premenstrual syndrome
  • the vertigo of Meniere’s Disease

Salt Skip News, distributed in the ‘BP Monitor’, the Queensland Hypertension Association newsletter, is published bi monthly from February to December. It contains a variety of articles focusing on low salt. You can download the newsletters below:

Salt Skip News 165

Salt Skip News 166

Salt Skip News 167

Salt Skip News 168

Salt Skip News 169

Salt Skip News 170

Salt Skip News 171

Salt Skip News 172

Salt Skip News 173

Salt Skip News 174