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Meniere’s Support Group of Victoria – Membership Survey 2006

In 2006 a research team from Chronic Illness Alliance conducted a survey of MSGV members which confirmed the vital role MA plays in helping people cope with Meniere’s.

Download the survey.

Senate Inquiry into Hearing Health in Australia

Submission from Meniere’s Australia Inc.

Managing Hearing Loss and Meniere’s disease and vestibular conditions in Australia requires:

  • Better identification and diagnostic skills of GP’s with regards to hearing loss and disorders of the ear.
  • Increased content regarding hearing loss and disorders of the ear in curriculum and professional training programs via the Division of General Practices.
  • Better referral networks to audiologists who specialise in Tinnitus, Meniere’s disease and other disorders of the inner ear as well as other organisations.
  • Recognition and financial support of the role organisations such as Meniere’s Australia, Better Hearing and State Deafness organisations in service delivery, providing peer support, counselling and case management.

To learn more about what Meniere’s Australia had to say download the submission.

Following the initial submission Meniere’s Australia was invited to speak with the Senators in Melbourne 2009. MA committee members John Cook, Lynn Polson, Rick Osborn and Neil Wingrave attended the meeting and spoke with the Senators about key issues for people with Meniere’s.

Read about what the Meniere’s team had to say to the Senators here.

Meniere’s Australia was delighted to learn that our efforts preparing papers and talking with various officers and members of Government – Federal and State has been successful with a Recommendation from the Senate with regards to Meniere’s, which forms part of the Senate Community Affairs References Committee’s Report titled Hear Us: Inquiry into Hearing Health in Australia. Tabled in the Senate on 13 May 2010:-

Recommendation 19
6.52 The Committee recommends that the Department of Health and Ageing works with Meniere’s Australia to identify opportunities for research into the prevalence of Meniere’s disease in Australia, rates of diagnosis, options for treatment and personal managment, and the socio-economic impact of the disease, including on the employment and lifestyles of those affected.

Consumer Advocacy & Support Groups Delivering Local Support in a National Framework to future generations of hearing impaired Australians

A Paper presented to 6th National Deafness Sector Summit, Sydney 23rd April 2010.

The author advocates adoption of a Holistic Model of Assistance to future generations’ of hearing impaired Australians through:-

Consumer Advocacy and Support Groups adopting a National Structure and Focus in delivering services locally and establishing clinical pathways to include a component of Consumer Advocacy and Support Group activity The experience and benefits of establishing a Meniere’s Australia out of State Support bodies is given as a case study.

Download the Report for further details.

Review of WA’s Current and Future Hospital & Community Health Care Services

‘Identifying any outstanding needs and gaps in health care services’

Support groups play a vital role in the community, by offering people with health (and mental health) issues an affordable and sustainable way to access information, help and understanding. In the current economic climate, with the rise in the occurrence of mental illness, and with an ageing population, the need for support groups is likely to increase.

To read more about what Meniere’s Australia WA Branch has to say about this issue download the report.

Health Technology Assessment Review

A submission about the opportunity for Australians to access the Meniett™ Pressure Pulse therapy in the management of Meniere’s disease.

For more information click here to read the full report.