What should be included in a hamper?

It can be difficult to know what to get someone as a gift, which is why putting together a hamper is always a good idea. It’s a chance to give your friend or relative a taste of a variety of lovely things, at least one of which they’ll enjoy. It can also be enjoyable to make these hampers, as you can include personal touches that you won’t find in pre-made hampers or other gift items.

If you’re thinking about making gift hampers for the upcoming holiday season or a special birthday, here are some great ideas.

What to Look for When Buying a Basket

Let’s talk about the baskets before we get started. When choosing a basket, size is the most important consideration. Remember that a large basket will cost more to fill, and if you choose not to fill it, it will appear sad and you will appear cheap. ‘A smaller basket filled largely’ is a better rule to live by. Always choose a smaller basket over a larger one when choosing a basket. They’re less expensive to fill, and a large basket with only a few items in it appears sad. Using a small basket and filling it to the brim is a better option.


Food items, whether it’s a selection of nice cheeses, biscuits, or some high-end chocolates, are always a safe bet to include in a hamper. If the person you’re giving the hamper to is a big foodie who enjoys indulging in high-quality products, this is a great idea. Just keep in mind the expiration dates when putting food items in your hamper; you don’t want to make them sick by accident.


They are frequently found in hampers and food-based hampers, just like food, wine, beers, gins, and other liqueurs. They can, however, be included in any type of gift basket as a nice boozy treat. If the recipient of the hamper does not drink, simply include some fancy soft drinks or some high-end tea or coffee brands for them to enjoy instead.


Books, whether one or two new books from their favourite author or a recipe book full of new and exciting meals to try are a nice addition to gift hampers. Even if the recipient isn’t a big reader, you can always find something for them to enjoy, even if it’s just a novelty book that suits their sense of humour.


It may seem like a cop-out to buy people soaps as gifts, but don’t underestimate how much a few luxury items can spruce up your hamper. They’re especially thoughtful if the person receiving the hamper enjoys or deserves to be pampered. There are numerous high-quality soap brands available, but lavender goats milk soap should be added to your hamper for something extra special. Lavender is a popular scent because of its calming properties, but the goat’s milk used to make the soap is also very good for your skin, leaving it silky and smooth, making it the ideal luxury soap.

Video games

Finally, for something a little different, add some small games or puzzles to your hamper. These make excellent novelty gifts and are ideal for rainy days or boredom relief. They’re even better when incorporated into Christmas or other festive hampers that the entire family can enjoy on the big day.

When making a gift hamper, it’s important to be versatile so that the recipient has a variety of options to choose from. Consider the items listed above as potential gift hamper items for your loved ones.